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Boost productivity and accelerate delivery with one of our enterprise-class cloud and DevOps solutions. 360DevOps – it’s what we do.


Upgrade your operations today with our industry-leading cloud services and innovative DevOps solutions.

DevOps Engineering

Revolutionize the way your business works with DevOps principles, tools, and best practices

Reduce Cloud Costs

Get maximum return on your cloud investment without compromising on business uptime

Agile Methodology

Think agile and let our expertise drive your digital transformation with guaranteed results

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Our multidisciplinary team of AWS experts can provide custom, front-running digital solutions to grow your company and outclass your competitors. Our cost-effective cloud and DevOps services are designed to reduce your monthly cloud bill while keeping business uptime high.

Our Services

Whatever your company does well, we can help you do it better

At 360DevOps, we offer a diverse range of multi-cloud based services, designed to build an agile and robust operational capability. Whether it’s migration, integration, deployment or data, our team is on hand to surpass your needs.


We are more interested in a long term relationship than just a single project. You can count on us for all types of work, whether it’s just to be on stand-by, to provide general BAU support for production systems, or even a custom requirement. We are always there for you!

Stand by

Up to 50 hours/mo
  • Regular maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Ad-hoc solutions
  • Automation


Up to 100 hours/mo
  • Cross environments setup
  • Logging & Monitoring
  • Architect
  • Security and Deployment


Let's discuss
  • We understand that certain tasks require a detailed discussion to finalize the scope of work. Please don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your custom requirement.

Our Founder

utkarsh kumar

Having 14 years of experience in the industry, Prashant Tiwari holds numerous professional certifications for cloud services, configuration management, and cloud security. Drawing on his technical expertise, management skills, and desire to meet customer needs, his company has successfully delivered a wide range of projects for clients looking to develop their businesses through cloud optimization services. From the initial design and auditing stages to full implementation, Prashant and his team work tirelessly to provide high-quality services for their clients while exercising best practices and keeping up with ever-evolving technology trends.

Prashant Tiwari

Our Technology Stack

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Why Choose Us

cloud security

Our tailored transformation strategies analyze your current infrastructure and guide your digitalization journey to align operational needs with business demands. With us, you are left with a cloud solution that is perfect for you.

devops consulting services

End-to-end, from top to bottom tier partners and in-house staff, personnel, and processes, we are fully cloud security certified professionals to meet all compliance and regulatory requirements. When you choose 360DevOps, you choose peace of mind.

aws consulting partner

As we lift your company into the cloud and enhance your infrastructure and operations, we deploy the latest modernization techniques, cutting-edge automation, real-time monitoring, and intelligent management - so you get the best for your business.

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