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Cloud solutions deliver agility and flexibility to your business operations, enabling you to meet new challenges and take new business opportunities. With License Dashboard, that doesn’t have to stop when your migration is complete.

Consuming AWS is straightforward, but managing it efficiently is not. If you are using Amazon Web Services, you are likely spending more than necessary. With AWS cost optimization from License Dashboard, you could save a minimum of 10% by the time your next bill is generated.

Our team of AWS cloud specialists, combined with AWS cloud management technology, will show you how to optimize your service, with full resource available if required to implement the recommendations on your behalf.

You can even get started with a free-of-charge Cloud Snapshot service, highlighting potential inefficiencies in your cloud spend. We’ll pull millions of data points from your AWS accounts to indicate where your budget is being spent and highlight potential inefficiencies.

We’ll review your cloud security too. See the true picture of your AWS usage emerge.

Extension of Your Team

Take Control of AWS Spend

Understand Usage

AWS Optimization Service Options

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Cloud Report

SaaS subscription costs can r apidly get out of control. License Dashboard’s inclusion of Binadox technology solves this problem by optimizing employees’ SaaS usage, discovering SaaS underutilization and detecting “Shadow IT”. Binadox identifies SaaS applications used in your organization and provides detailed insights and statistics.

By offering a complete set of options for how users can discover and manage SaaS apps, our SaaS Management solution ensures customers are able not only to capture mature API SaaS apps, but also detect non-API based applications and gather more granular data.

Cloud Optimize

We’ll create an ongoing action plan to reduce expenditure and improve security. Follow our
tagging guidance and you’ll see a breakdown of costs per app, individual, team and more. You can save money by taking advantage of discounted reserved instances, underutilized instances, and instances with a “lights off” policy (such as test/dev workloads). We’ll then generate monthly reports, look for more savings, activate alerts on spending spikes and provide help with understanding key AWS metrics.

Cloud Ignite

We know you’re under pressure, so Cloud Ignite includes all the features of the other services – plus the resources to implement our recommendations. Our team of cloud architects will deliver results for you, while following your change management processes and carrying out full risk impact assessments. You’ll also receive time every month with a License Dashboard Technical Architect – working as an extension to your team – to help enhance your AWS c loud strategy.

Why Trust Us For Optimization AWS

Cloud security differs based on the category of cloud computing being used. There are four main categories of cloud computing:

Access To Certified Engineers

Highest concentration of professional certified specialists in the industry

Security & Compliance Experts

Enable continuous compliance in PCI-DSS, HIP AA, SOC2, etc.

Proven Track Record

Leverage expertise from hundreds of cloud projects to ensure success

Agile Project Management

Ensure transparency and timely delivery of project milestones

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